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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Guild Rules Icon_minitimeMon Aug 08, 2011 6:41 am

Since Alexander has shown no intention of playing eDMO or any want in reviving this guild, I will be in charge of TRK and its actions (unofficially but since no one else is willing to, might as well). If any of the former leaders such as Bell, Alexander, or Danny choose to, they can step in and take charge. But until then I will be responsible for its up-keeping.

About The Guild
The essence of The Royal Knights is one of friendliness and helpfulness. Started in cDRO, Alexander brought together a band of friends and it grew to a massive guild of popularity and charity. Since its time in DBO it has been disbanded and silenced. I hope to revive this guild to its former glory and beyond that.

Guild Rules
1) Respect your guild and its' members.
2) Respect every player, weak or strong, but don't respect the rude players; the ones and that are hackers and scammers.
3) If other players are being rude to you or a friend, try to ignore then and report them to either a GM or to your guild. If someone from this guild was rude to you please screen shot the chat and send it to the leader (BreakTheSilence).
4) Do not hack/scam other players. If you are found guilty you will be reported to a GM and kicked from the guild.
5) Don't lie about your levels and items. It's not important to have 4 mega digimon.
6) Don't spread rumors about other players.
7) Don't treat anyone badly just because you dislike his race. We aren't racist...if you do this you will be kicked from the guild.
Cool Try to be active. You can do so by chatting it up with various members in the Guild Chat, on Skype, and by playing in game when it releases.
9) Have fun and feel free to ask the Guild Leader or any other member for help if something happend or if you have an unanswered question.

How To Join
TRK is not exclusive to anyone. To become a knight, send me a message or post, join chat, or join the forum and post in the introduction topic with your forum name in it, as well as your IGN and your GMT.

Chain of Command
There are several ranks in TRK's. Going up the ladder proves to the other members you have the ability to help others and play well. It is in no way a popularity contest.
There are four ranks in TRK's they are as listed below:

TheRedKnight-GuildLeader- Unobtainable Rank
RoyalKnights-GuildOfficers - Obtainable Rank
LegendaryKnights-VeteranKnights - Obtainable Rank
Knights-New Recruits - Entry Rank

To move up in the ranks one has to prove himself/herself to be a valuable player. This is determined by various factors. These being: Helpfulness, how active one is, and whatever I deem as appropriate. As in the series there are 11 known members of the royal knights. The guild will follow suit. The Red Knight (active leader), being me, and 10 other Royal Knights.


The Red Knight (Active Guild Leader):
    -BreakTheSilence/ign: (N/A)

Royal Knight's:

Legendary Knights:

    -Ikkakumawn/ign: (N/A)
    -dallltinUltimate /ign: (N/A)
    -gaomonfan/ign: (N/A)
    -paul123398/ign: (N/A)
    -megajustimon/ign: (N/A)
    -Digileader7/ign: (N/A)
    -123shadow7/ign: (N/A)
    -Kokujo/ign: (N/A)
    -nikolas14/ ign: (N/A)
    - rapidterriertornado/ign: (N/A)
    -Draxion/ign: (N/A)

Guild Chat:
Guild Site:

Guild Rules Header12

Thank You to Danny, Alex, and all those who made the rules and ranks for the original post for DBO
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Guild Rules
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