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 Forum Rules (Active from 08/08/2011)

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Forum Rules (Active from 08/08/2011) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules (Active from 08/08/2011)   Forum Rules (Active from 08/08/2011) Icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2011 5:35 am

1.Warning/Banning System
1.1 Warnings:
3 reasonable warnings = 3 days ban
3 reasonable warnings afterwards = 2 weeks ban
3 reasonable warnings afterwards = 4 months ban
3 reasonable warnings afterwards = forever ban
1.2 If you create an account for yourself while your old one is active – It will be banned/deleted.
-1.2.1 If you create an account for yourself while your old one is banned – It will be banned/deleted.
1.3 If your avatar is inappropriate, then we will take action.
-1.3.1 Same goes for the name.
1.4 Every bot, spotted on the territory of this forum will be emediately banned.

2.1 No double posting - Your posts will be merged or deleted and if you continue, this will get you a warning. There will be exceptions in the following cases:
- 2.1.1 Your thread is in the Art, Forum Suggestions, Forum Complains or Technical Difficulties section. If no one responds to your post, you have the right to bump it 24 hours later.
- 2.1.2 Your thread is in any other section but 72 hours have passed after your post and no one responded. You may bump it.
2.2 No one word posting - For Petes sake, if that is a post, then I am a flying hedgehog. New members are excused with a maximum of 4 violations of this rule before a warning.
2.3 Do not go off-topic - Slightly off-topic is ok but please, stay on topic.
2.4 Do not post in the wrong forum - Before you add your post, please check where you are putting it.
- 2.4.1 This includes – When you have something to ask, then do it in ONE single area, we do not have the time nor the patience to deal with that much trouble. Plus you might get a warning as a reward.
- 2.4.2 If you are in need of a specific piece of information, then search the forum and post your question only if there isn’t a topic with that content anywhere.
2.5 Do not post insecure links or advertisments - They will automatically be deleted.
2.6 No spamming – That is a big NO, there is already a section with that purpose.
2.7 Do not bump old topics.

3.1 Do not insult staff members - If they insulted you, contact me and hand me the proof, otherwise you will be ignored and if you continue, you will get a warning.
- 3.1.1 And while we are at it, the same goes for all the other members as well – This also includes name calling. Please, people, we are not in second grade anymore.
3.2 Do not accuse anyone of hacking or scamming unless you have proof - Serously, we are fed up with people like you.
3.3 If a Mod/Staff member abuses his powers – Contact me, give me proof and something will be done about it. If you see me abusing my powers – Then you are clearly still in your bed, having nightmares.
3.4 Do not show us your naked pictures – We definitely do not want to end up with serious sight problems. Plus, the more naked pictures you post, the less likely you are to stick around.
3.5 Don't treat anyone badly just because you dislike his race.
- 3.5.1 Actually do not treat anyone badly for any reason, we are a friendly guild, remember?
3.6 If you need help,then do not bother every single member.
- 3.6.1 This includes - If you want someone to create you an account, then check who is an account maker, though I doubt this is necessary in the English version.
3.7 No backsit modding, the staffs are here for a reason.
3.8 If you are a hacker, scammer or cloner ('cloner' - currently applies for KDRO only) you will be banned.
3.9 We are not really fond of ''lulzy'' or ''trolling'' people, so keep the crap to a minimum. Well a bit will not hurt, but just do not overdo it. This rule applies to the Guild Chat Box as well. (Everything is allowed in Spam section though)

If you have any questions, then feel free to contact us. Have a nice not rule breaking day!
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Forum Rules (Active from 08/08/2011)
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