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 09/08/2011 - Creation of Forum and Changes in the Guild Chat

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PostSubject: 09/08/2011 - Creation of Forum and Changes in the Guild Chat   Tue Aug 09, 2011 4:24 pm

Guild Notes forum has been successfully created. Here will be placed notes regarding the guild. It is suggested that you read them to be in touch with the latest modifications.

Because of the events from earlier today, new rules will be added in order to keep things under control.
*The Guild chat is named that way, because it was originally created for Guild members only. That means there will be no more random people hanging around just to troll or look for a date. Whoever wants to remain on the chat will have to join the Guild, otherwise he will be kicked or most likely – banned for a period of time. There will be no exceptions from now on. Some of those who were let in before the filtering, will be allowed to stay as long as they stay out of trouble.

There will be a list of the exceptions, which will be added later.

Exception List:
1. Taemin
2. Talula
3. Kemutins

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09/08/2011 - Creation of Forum and Changes in the Guild Chat
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