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PostSubject: DMPC V-Pet   DMPC V-Pet Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 11:01 am

DMPC V-Pet 2urmru8

Basically, a PC emulator for a Digimon V-Pet, you can raise your own digi, from a huge variety of digimons(apart from Fresh level, which there is only 6 of then, I think there is nearly every digimon in existence, or at least a huge apart of it, not counting Super Ultimates), while it takes a while to the digi evolve(1 hour to Fresh>In-Traning, and another 5 for In-Training>Rookie), you can just open it whenever you are in you PC and leave it there, just taking care of small things like food and poops(anyone who ever put his/her hands into a tamagotchi or at least played DW1 know how it is...), for sleep, the digi sleeps by itself whenever it feels like it, differently from tamagotchis/DW1, the digi don't have a life spawn(that I know of, at least), however, it will die if you don't treat injuries or sickness.

You can open the official DMPC Club on facebook by pressing W, and by pressing F1 you can find a quick tutorial as well as the evolution chart for every digi in the game.

In the end, it is a good game if you are a digimon fan, you barelly have to pay attention to it(the digis not only takes a while to evolve, but the game itself go very slowly), and apart from the training mini-games, it is effortless while still fun.

You can find the download for the latest version here, and the facebook thingy here.
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PostSubject: Re: DMPC V-Pet   DMPC V-Pet Icon_minitimeTue Nov 22, 2011 2:56 pm

Great idea! I think that would be a wonderful way for a person like me, who has absolutely nothing to do besides get on Netflix and watch Torchwood or Desert Punk, to indulge in some fun digimon entertainment. ...and also great for when you just can't seem to satisfy your nerd impulses with DMO. Just that extra edge to make you feel accomplished ^_^

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